Workforce and Economy Alignment in the Middle East

  • Strategic Advisory and Partner to several Middle East Governments
  • Evaluation of Workforce Development and Economic Needs
  • Alignment of Workforce with Investment Priorities
  • Extensive engagement across government, business and academia
  • Bespoke outcome-based workforce solutions
  • Developing a comprehensive Implementation Plan

Policy Reforms in the Middle East

  • Evaluation of current public spending and outcomes in education, health, and social sector
  • Recommendations on strategic reforms to foster employment and foreign direct investment
  • Development of stakeholder framework (local and international) to navigate strategic reform implementation

Corporate Affairs and Partnerships Program for EdTech in Healthcare

  • ​Evaluation and due diligence on government and corporate stakeholders
  • Mapping business opportunities to local needs and capabilities
  • Market analysis of key potential commercial partners
  • Opening doors and navigating business negotiations

Health and Care Workforce and Capacity Building

  • International Advisory for UK Healthcare Companies 
  • CPD and Accreditation of Medical/Surgical Education and Training in the Middle East, China, Asia
  • Professional Standards and Revalidation 
  • Health and Care Workforce Skills and Qualifications 
  • Cancer/Oncology Thought Leadership

Ukraine - Transatlantic Education and Research Collaboration

  • Opening opportunities for Ukraine's private education sector in the UK, US, Canada
  • Navigating stakeholders in government and academia to support current resource issues
  • Developing  sustainable research and academic programmes for Ukraine's economy rebuild and redevelopment